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Dr Leslie Gan

Logan Hospital & Griffith University

Dr Leslie Gan is a Rehabilitation Medicine Physician, Co-Director of Geriatrics & Rehabilitation at the Logan Hospital and Senior Lecturer with Griffith University. In addition to her usual professional duties, she is also a parent of twins, and has several creative pursuits, such as painting and drawing, playing the cello with the Queensland Medical Orchestra, sewing and other yarn crafts. Leslie first started painting and drawing about 4 years ago. She is now known amongst her work colleagues for bringing colour and creative thinking into her workplace, whose walls serve as her personal art gallery on an informal basis. She has sold many of her original artworks to health care colleagues both locally and internationally, and contributed financially to a Brisbane charity organisation from the sales proceeds. She is also a member of the International Urban Sketching movement and can often be spied rapidly sketching daily vignettes around her workplace and home. In 2018, she undertook the challenge of painting a traffic light box in Brisbane’s south side.